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Agenda 360 (Mulk Dehshatgardi Ki Lapait Mein) - 23rd November 2018
Awaz (PM Imran Khan's Address in Malaysia) - 22nd November 2018
Awaz (PM Malasyia Visit, Karachi Anti-Encroachment Campaign) - 21st November 2018
Awaz (Hakumat Aur Opposition Mein Deadlock) - 19th November 2018
Dr. Fiza Akbar Taking Class of Opposition For Criticizing PM Imran Khan's U-Turn Statement
Agenda 360 (U-Turn Is Necessary For Leader) - 17th November 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Difference Between U-Turn & Flexibility) - 17th November 2018
Awaz (Fake Accounts & Money Laundering) - 12th November 2018
Faisal Javed & Special Assistant to PM Shahzad Akbar Complete Press Conference
Zimedar Kon (Crime Show) – 10th November 2018
Humhare Mehman (Guest: Shiraz Uppal) – 11th November 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Jahangir Tareen Ki Shikayat) - 10th November 2018
Agenda (PMLN Mein Qayadat Ka Bohran) - 10th November 2018
Aitraaz Hai (DG NAB Lahore Vs Opposition) - 9th November 2018
Agenda 360 (DG NAB Per PMLN Ki Tanqeed) - 9th November 2018
Awaz (Shocking Revelations of DG NAB Lahore About Shahbaz Sharif) - 8th November 2018
Awaz (Rana Sanaullah And Faisal Vawda Face To Face) - 7th November 2018
2 Tok (Money Laundering Or Fake Accounts Case) – 5th November 2018
Zimedar Kon on ARY (Crime Show) – 4th November 2018
Humhare Mehman (Guest: Zeba Shahnaz) – 4th November 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Agreement Between Govt & TLP) - 3rd November 2018
Imran Khan! Pakistan Tumhari Maan Jahaiz Mein Le Ker Nahi Aai Thi - A Molvi Bashing PM
We Will Not Let This Govt Work - Dr. Ashraf Jalali Openly Threatening PTI Govt
Nasim Zehra @ 8 (Ishaq Dar Exclusive Interview) - 30th October 2018
DNA (Discussion on Ishaq Dar Interview & Other Issues) - 30th October 2018
Watch Last Video of A Plane Crash, All Passengers Crying & Praying
Zimedar Kon on ARY News (Crime Show) – 28th October 2018
Hamare Mehman on ARY News (Guest: Hamid Ali Khan) - 28th October 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Governor KPK Shah Farman Exclusive Interview) - 27th October 2018
Agenda 360 (What Is The Agenda of APC) - 27th October 2018
NewsOne Special (Kashmiriyon Ka Jazba e Azadi) - 27th October 2018
Agenda 360 (Is Ishaq Dar Taking Political Asylum) - 26th October 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Wazir e Azam Ka Daura e China) - 26th October 2018
Zimedar Kon (Anokhay Nikah Ki Dastan) – 21st October 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Hakumat Aur Opposition Ki Larai) - 20th October 2018
Agenda 360 (Special Talk With Fawad Chaudhry) - 20th October 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Facts About Ashiana Housing Scheme) - 19th October 2018
Agenda 360 (Shahid Khaqan Abbasi About Govt Performance) - 19th October 2018
Awaz (President Arif Alvi Exclusive Interview) - 18th October 2018
Public Pulse (Another Scandal of Sharif Brothers) – 18th October 2018

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