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Agenda 360 (Hakumat Ki Muashi Policy) - 12th October 2018
Humhare Mehman on ARY (Guest : Shazia Manzoor) – 7th October 2018
Zimmedar Koun (Police Stations Ke Masayl) - 7th October 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Shahbaz Sharif Ka 10 Roza Remand) - 6th October 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Shahbaz Sharif Ki Giraftari) - 5th October 2018
Awaz (Finance Minister Asad Umar Exclusive Interview) - 2nd October 2018
Humhare Mehman (Guest :Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan) – 30th September 2018
Zimmedar Kaun on ARY (Crime Show) - 30th September 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Taimoor Talpur Ka Bayan) - 29th September 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Discussion on Current Issues) - 28th September 2018
Special Transmission of Asia Cup on ARY - 23rd September 2018
Zimmedar Koun (Police Ke Masayl) - 23rd September 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Hassan Nisar Exclusive Interview) - 22nd September 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Riasat Aur Mazhab Ka Kia Tauluq Hona Chahiye) - 21st September 2018
Mahaaz with Wajahat Saeed Khan (Special Show on PM House) - 16th September 2018
Special Transmission on ARY (Pakistan Vs India) - 18th September 2018
Nusrat Javed Shows Asad Umar's Old Clip About Gas Prices & Criticizes His Current Stance
Zimedar Kon (Crime Show) – 16th September 2018
Humhare Mehman (Guest: Ayaz Khan) – 16th September 2018
Aitraaz Hai (PTI's Promises of Austerity) - 15th September 2018
Agenda 360 (Special Show With Imran Ismail) - 15th September 2018
Watch Exclusive Video of Kalsoom Nawaz Funeral, A Huge Gathering
Aitraaz Hai (Future of Govt Buildings) - 14th September 2018
Humhare Mehman (Guest Sana Fakhar And Fakhar Imam) – 9th September 2018
Zimedar Koun (Crime Show) - 9th September 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Imran Khan's Appeal For Donations) - 8th September 2018
Defence Day Special Show on ARY News - 7th September 2018
Geo Special (Arif Alvi Elected As President of Pakistan) - 4th September 2018
Dugdugee with Aftab Iqbal (Gup Shup With Gazebo) – 4th September 2018
Khawaja Sarayon Ka 15 Sala Larke Per Tashadud, Kapre Utaarne Per Majboor Karte Rahe
Zimedar Kon (Crime Show) – 2nd September 2018
Humhare Mehman (Guest: Shabbir Jan) – 2nd September 2018
Election 2018 Special on Geo (PTI Cabinet) - 2nd September 2018
Agenda 360 (Imran Khan Ka Merit Kahan Gaya) - 1st September 2018
Aitraaz Hai (RTS Issue, Still A Mystery) - 1st September 2018
Sharjeel Memon Shifted To Jail After Police Finds Alcohol in His Hospital Room
Aitraaz Hai (DPO Tabadla Per Supreme Court Mein Hearing) - 31st August 2018
FIA Requests Supreme Court To Form JIT to Probe Money Laundering Case
Public Pulse (Aitzaz Ahsan Ke Mazi Ke Bayanat) – 26th August 2018
Zimedar Kon on ARY (Crime Show0 – 26th August 2018

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