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Zimedar Kon on ARY (Crime Show0 – 26th August 2018
Humhare Mehman (Kaif Ghazanvi) – 26th August 2018
Special Transmission on Geo (One Week of PTI Govt) - 26th August 2018
Agenda (What Players Think About Kaptaan?) - 25th August 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Janobi Punjab Ka Soba, Kitna Mushkil) - 25th August 2018
Imran Khan with Team 92 Geo Special - 24th August 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Eid With Hamid Mir, Kashif Abbasi & Irshad Bhatti) - 24th August 2018
Agenda 360 (Eid Siasatdano Ke Sang) - 24th August 2018
Eid Special on Samaa with Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad - 23rd August 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Shoaib Akhtar Exclusive Interview) - 22nd August 2018
Special Transmission on ARY (Imran Khan's Address To Nation) - 19th August 2018
Special Transmission on Geo (Imran Khan's Speech) - 19th August 2018
Zimedar Koun (Eid Qurban, Mehkama Live Stock) - 19th August 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Imran Khan's Federal Cabinet) - 18th August 2018
Agenda (Usman Buzdar's Nomination As CM Punjab) - 18th August 2018
Special Transmission on Samaa (Imran Khan Became PM) - 17th August 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Imran Khan Elected As Prime Minister) - 17th August 2018
Zartaj Gul's Befitting Reply To Khawaja Saad Rafique on His Allegations of Horse Trading
Irshad Bhatti Criticizes Imran Ismail on His Statement About Bilawal House
Arif Nizami Criticizes Imran Khan For Not Shaking Hand with Shahbaz Sharif in NA
I Have Not Decided Yet Who Will Be Chief Minister of Punjab - Imran Khan
Zimedar Kon (Crime Show) – 12th August 2018
Humhare Mehman (Muhammad Ifrahim) – 12th August 2018
Dugdugee with Aftab Iqbal (Imran Khan Should Save Cricket) – 12th August 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) - 11th August 2018
Who Should Be CM Punjab? Listen Haroon ur Rasheed's Detailed Analysis
Special Transmission on Samaa News (Hakumat Sazi) - 11th August 2018
Dugdugee with Aftab Iqbal (CMship of Punjab) – 11th August 2018
Hassan And Hussain Nawaz Have Left Avenfield Flats & Moved To New Place - Muhammad Malick
Nawaz Sharif Wants That President Mamnoon Shouldn't Take Oath From Imran Khan - Shahzeb Khanzada
Achor Ehtasham Criticizes Uzma Bukhari's Statement Against CJ, Uzma Bukhari Gets Hyper
Kashif Abbsai & Asma Sherazi Telling How Pervez Khattak Stopped Atif Khan From Becoming CM KPK
Special Transmission on Samaa (Politics of Karachi) - 10th August 2018
Aitraaz Hai (PTI Govt in Center And Punjab) - 10th August 2018
Amir Mateen Criticizing President Mamnoon For Going on Leave Before PM Oath Taking
Awaz (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) - 9th August 2018
Irshad Bhatti Comment On The Nomination of Mehmood Khan As CM KPK
Imran Khan Hotel Mein Khana Khaye To Paise Nahi Daita - Molvi Khadim Rizvi
Zimedar Kon (Crime Show) – 5th August 2018
Agenda (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) - 4th August 2018

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