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Overseas Pakistanis should have 14 seats in Assembly - Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar
Imran Khan calls Maryam Nawaz
Breaking: Supreme Court rejects PTI's conspiracy allegations in the detailed verdict of speaker's ruling case
Breaking News: Pakistan, IMF reach staff-level agreement on revised programme
Who are Mr. X and Mr. Y? Intense debate B/W Hamid Mir and PTI's Aftab Jahangir
Can Asif Zardari's dream come true to see Bilawal as Prime Minister? Haroon Ur Rasheed's comments
Why these By-elections are very important? Latest update of case against Imran Riaz Khan
Imran Khan Ne Establishment Ko Diwar Ke Sath Laga Dia Hai, PTI 20 Seats Jeet Sakti Hai - Sami Ibrahim
Talat Hussain reveals for whom Imran Khan is using the term
Maryam Nawaz's aggressive speech in Layyah Jalsah
Imran Khan And Maryam Nawaz Fighting Mother of All Battles, Who Will Win Punjab? Rauf Klasra
This election will decide the future of Pakistan - Imran Khan's speech in Jhang
Exclusive Interview of the applicant who filed case against Imran Riaz Khan
Sheikh Rasheed might be arrested, Anti-Corruption Punjab summoned Sheikh Rasheed on 15th July
Exclusive Interview of anchor Maria Hashmi who slapped the boy during reporting
Is Mr. X & Mr. Y from civil alphabets or military? Journalist asks Fawad Chaudhry
Establishment Ko Ata Tarrar Aur Rana Sanaullah Jese Asteen Ke Sanpon Se Hoshyaar Rehna Hoga - Fawad Ch
Babar Ghauri set free after Karachi Police declares him innocent
There is no doubt that PTI is going to win Punjab's by-election - Haroon Rasheed
Breaking New: Anti-Corruption Faisalabad Filed Case Against Farah Gogi
Imran Khan Bohat Bad-Zubani Karta Hai - An old woman criticizing Imran Khan
Govt has started crackdown against our workers - Sheikh Rasheed's video message
Imran Riaz Khan reveals why he didn't upload the video after the arrest
I used to support army but now I am losing hope - Shaheen Sehbai's tweet
In the time of Sher Shah Suri, Imran Khan's ancestor was the governor of Multan - Haroon Rasheed
Breaking News: The plaintiff withdrew the case against Imran Riaz Khan
Interesting talk between Imran Riaz Khan & Siddique Jan in Chakwal court
Ager Koi Imrani Bawla Kaatney Ki Koshish Karey Tu Aap ... Rana Sanaullah's Interesting Tweets
Five people fainted due to severe heat in Imran Khan's Bhakkar Jalsa
Imran Khan's powerful campaign has shaken Punjab but Hamza's defeat will be downfall of system? Dr. Moeed vlog
Breaking News: Lahore Police raided at the office of PTI candidate Malik Nawaz Awan in PP-168
China warns Asian nations to avoid being used as 'chess pieces' by western powers
Did Imran Khan cry during his speech in Layyah Jalsa?
Overdose of religion & patriotism has suppressed our art, we can't imagine PK type movie in Pakistan - Gharida
Talat Hussain's tweet on Imran Khan's funny statement
I salute Arshad Sharif in front of whole nation - Imran Khan
Exclusive View: Unbelievable crowd in Imran Khan's jalsa in Bhakkar
If you are really 'Khadam e Aala', you should decrease petrol price to 150 per liter - Imran Khan's speech in Layyah
PM Shehbaz Sharif is going to give a big relief to nation tonight - Maryam Nawaz
Heavy rains hit China' south west cities causing floods


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