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Sawal with Ehtesham Amir-ud-Din (SC Directions) - 23rd October 2020
PM Imran Khan Exclusive Interview on ARY News with Sabir Shakir & Ghulam Hussain - 23rd October 2020
Awaz (Many Questions Arise After Captain Safdar's Arrest) - 19th October 2020
Blasts Heard From Inside Building Of Hafeez Center Lahore, Watch Latest Situation Of Fire
Sawal with Ehtesham (PDM's Second Power Show) - 18th October 2020
Aiteraz Hai (PMLN Ka Mulk Dushman Agenda) - 17th October 2020
Munib Farooq's Two Years Old Daughter Interrupts During Live Show
Sawal with Ehtesham (Imran Khan Ka Jawabi Waar) - 17th October 2020
Armenia & Azerbaijan Latest Situation - Armenia Targets Civilian Areas Twice In Less Than A Week
Aiteraz Hai (Dharno Aur Jalso Ki Siasat) - 16th October 2020
Awaz (Coronavirus And Opposition's Jalsa) - 15th October 2020
Awaz (Jalse Se Pehle Hi Pakar Dhakar) - 14th October 2020
Video - Mercedes Driver Mows Down Armed Cop Leaving Him Severe Injured
Awaz (Finally Abid Malhi Arrested) - 12th October 2020
Sawal with Ehtesham (Mehngai, Mehngai, Awam Ki Duhai) - 11th October 2020
Exclusive - 18 Kg Heroin Caught From Woman At Motorway
CCTV Video Of Moulana Dr Adil Khan's Assassination Appears
Aiteraz Hai (Army Chief's Clear Message) - 10th October 2020
Sawal with Ehtesham (Bacho Se Ziadti Ke Waqiyat) - 10th October 2020
Why Didn’t The US Investigate The Murder Of American Journalist & Her Mother In Istanbul? An Investigative Report
Awaz (Aik Aur Zainab Zulm Ka Shikar) - 8th October 2020
Explosions At Russia Munitions Depot, More Than 2,300 People Had To Flee Area
Awaz (Badar Rasheed Urf Heera Kaun Hai?) - 6th October 2020
Exclusive Video - Man Violently Beats Traffic Warden At Public Place
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Nai Siasi Jang Ka Aghaz) - 4th October 2020
Civilians Under Fire As Armenia & Azerbaijan Report Fresh Enemy Shelling Of Cities
Aiteraz Hai (Is Accountability Across The Board?) - 3rd October 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (PMLN Vs Govt) - 3rd October 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Govt Vs Opposition) - 2nd October 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Arif Alvi Exclusive Interview) - 2nd October 2020
Awaz (Nawaz Sharif Ki Hakumat Per Sakht Tanqeed) - 1st October 2020
Video - Karachi Main Namazi Ka Imam Per Katlana Hamla
Awaz (Maryam Nawaz Press Conference After Shahbaz Sharif's Arrest) - 28th September 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Opposition's Next Strategy) - 27th September 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Dr. Shahbaz Gill Exclusive Interview) - 26th September 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Pakistani Siasat Mein Garma Garmi) - 25th September 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Discussion on Current Political Issues) - 25th September 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Govt Reaction on APC) - 20th September 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Opposition's All Parties Conference) - 19th September 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Nawaz Sharif to Join APC) - 19th September 2020