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Intense fight between PTI Women & Journalist Kausar Kazmi in front of Nawaz Sharif's house in London
Meray Sawaal (Joe Biden's Statement Against Pakistan) - 15th October 2022
Aiteraz Hai (What America Wants From Pakistan) - 15th October 2022
Black and White with Hassan Nisar (Current Issues) - 15th October 2022
Meray Sawaal (By-Elections | Long March) - 14th October 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Who Is Going To Win By-Elections) - 14th October 2022
Black and White with Hassan Nisar (Acquittal of Shahbaz & Hamza) - 14th October 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Country's Real Issues Being Ignored in Politics) - 9th October 2022
Meray Sawal (Nawaz Sharif's Important Questions) - 9th October 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Govt In Action To Stop Imran Khan's Long March) - 8th October 2022
Meray Sawaal (Will Imran Khan Do Long March After Gen Bajwa's Statement) - 8th October 2022
Black and White with Hassan Nisar (Discussion on Current Issues) - 8th October 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Who Is Leaking Imran Khan's Audios..) - 7th October 2022
Meray Sawaal (Imran Khan's Audio Leaks..) - 7th October 2022
Police publicly flog Muslims who 'disrupted Hindu festival' in India
Heated verbal clash between Kamran Shahid and Shehryar Afridi
Female English player Charlotte Dean started crying after getting run out
Aiteraz Hai (Audio Leaks | Cipher | Long March) - 2nd October 2022
Meray Sawaal (Imran Khan Lost The Cipher) - 2nd October 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Cipher Issue | Audio Leaks | NAB Cases) - 1st October 2022
Meray Sawaal (Maryam's Presser Against Imran Khan) - 1st October 2022
Black and White with Hassan Nisar (Imran Khan Audio Leaks) - 10th October 2022
Sawal Yeh Hai (Audio Leak | Cypher Missing From PM House) - 30th September 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Audio Leaks, Question on PM Office's Security) - 30th September 2022
Meray Sawal (Cypher Conspiracy Exposed After Imran's Audio Leak) - 30th September 2022
Black and White with Hassan Nisar (Ishaq Dar's Return) - 30th September 2022
Awaz (Audio Leaks Issue | Ishaq Dar Back) - 27th September 2022
Awaz (Imran Khan's Speech in University | Audio Leaks) - 26th September 2022
Aiteraz Hai (How Prime Minister Office Data Leaked?) - 25th September 2022
Meray Sawal (RUDA Affectees Out Against Government) - 25th September 2022
Meray Sawaal (Imran Khan's Long March | Economy) - 24th September 2022
Black and White with Hassan Nisar (Current Affairs) - 23rd September 2022
Mere Sawal (Shireen Mazari & Imran Khan's Different Policies) - 23rd September 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Long March | Ishaq Dar's Return) - 23rd September 2022
Awaz (Contempt Case: Imran Khan Escaped Disqualification?) - 22nd September 2022
Awaz (Imran Khan Announced To Start Movement Against Govt) - 21st September 2022
Awaz (Imran Khan Ready For Long March?) - 20th September 2022
Awaz (Imran Khan Cases | Punjab Government) - 19th September 2022
Meray Sawaal (Sharif Brothers Meeting in London) - 18th September 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Nawaz Shahbaz Meeting in London | Punjab Govt) - 18th September 2022